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Independent AMSOIL Dealerships are recommended for people who want to own their own businesses, be their own boss, and set their own schedule and goals. You can sell AMSOIL products in your spare-time or as a full-time career. The AMSOIL business opportunity is versatile and dynamic so that each person can create his or her own personally tailored business.

All Dealers do not work their business the same. Some dealers like to concentrate on commercial Accounts and are very profitable doing that. Other Dealers would rather work with people and they are very successful doing that! Still others build their business through a combination of Commercial, Retail, and Sponsoring other dealers. That is the beauty of this business! You can be successful many different ways!  Because of the growing popularity of AMSOIL, we need part time and full time Dealers in all areas!

Get Started With AMSOIL as a Dealer

Ways to Profit From an AMSOIL Dealership

Personal Sales
As an AMSOIL Dealer, you purchase AMSOIL products at Dealer cost and then sell them at the suggested retail price. Your income starts building immediately with retail profits and commission bonuses! More…

Catalog Sales
Dealers distribute AMSOIL catalogs by (US mail, dealer website, or email lists) and AMSOIL INC. takes it from there. AMSOIL takes the order, ships the product, bills the customer and collects the money. The Dealers collect the retail profits and the commissions.  See the new online internet e-catalog. Products purchased thru the internet e-catalog are instantly linked to, and credited to the your dealer account. More…

Internet Sales
Dealers can either purchase a ready made website form AMSOIL or create their own custom website to sell products directly via the internet. Dealers can also link their websites to the corporate AMSOIL website so customers can purchase products directly through the AMSOIL On-Line Store, and Dealers get the retail profits and commissions.  Products are shipped by AMSOIL directly to your customers.  AMSOIL takes their orders, ships their product and collects the payment.  AMSOIL then sends the dealer a monthly commission earnings check More…

Retail On-The-Shelf Sales
The AMSOIL Retail On-The-Shelf Account program is designed for businesses which generally operate out of a storefront with regular hours for public access. These businesses normally sell associated merchandise at retail prices or provide AMSOIL products as part of a service.  Retail and On-The-Shelf Accounts are retail outlets such as auto parts, quick lubes and hardware and sporting goods stores. These stores stock AMSOIL products on their shelves to sell to their customers.  AMSOIL extends retailers credit, takes their orders, ships their product, and collects payment.  AMSOIL then sends you your monthly commission earnings from these account.   More…

Commercial Sales
Commercial Accounts are businesses which have vehicles, equipment and machinery that use the quality lubricants and filters available in the AMSOIL product line. AMSOIL offers special wholesale pricing structures for commercial and retail on-the-shelf businesses.  AMSOIL extends them credit, takes their orders, ships their product, invoices the product and collects the payment.  AMSOIL then sends you your monthly commission earnings from these account. More…

Building Your Own Sales Group
You can expand your AMSOIL Dealership and increase your income volume by developing your own personal group of AMSOIL Dealers. AMSOIL pays you commissions on their sales.

Quick Lube - Retail On-The-Shelf Sales
The Quick Lube, Retail On-The-Shelf Account, are a special breed of retailer. They provide lube services to the motoring public. An astute retailer will see the niche market potential of the 35 year AMSOIL estabolished "Leader in Synthetics" reputation and the loyal customer following as indeed a profitalbe segment of their business model. To see the potential for you.... More...

The AMSOIL Distributor opportunity is simple to start and easy to use:
An AMSOIL Dealership is the ideal start-up opportunity for those who want to own their own business. AMSOIL provides training materials, administrative assistance, technical support and everything needed to build successful Dealerships

  • Minimal start-up costs
  • No inventory requirements
  • No administrative headaches
  • No employees required.
  • Work from home.
  • No assigned territories.
  • No minimum quotas.
  • No inventory required.
  • Excellent tax benefits.
  • You choose your level of time investment

If you are not familiar with AMSOIL and synthetic lubricants, be sure to see my sitemap to see the depth and breadth of the AMSOIL product lines.   Please check out the rest of our website and see how you can capitalize on the incredible growth of the synthetic lubricants industry.  AMSOIL, the world’s largest synthetic lubricants company.

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